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Bay Area

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Electrical Services

Delta Electric Company offers a wide variety of electrical services for all types of residential applications.

* Electric meter, panel and service upgrade

* Service for new construction/remodels

* Troubleshooting/repairs

* Circuit breakers, outlets, grounding

* San Francisco Condo Conversion compliance

* Machine and motor controls

* Complete design service

* Fluorescent lighting

* Halogen, sodium, metal halide

* Dimmers, switches, photocells

* Timers, motion sensors, floods

* Telephone wiring, CCTV

* Intercoms, doorbells

* Fire/smoke alarm systems.

* Ask about our quantity and senior citizen rate discount programs.


One-and-one-half the regular rate. (Sat., Sun., Legal Holidays, and Weekdays after 6:00 PM.)

Response time:

Immediate if manpower is available. 4 hour response time during normal working hours. 4 hour response time for emergency service.

Emergency Service:

Charged at one-and-one-half times regular rate. Call 510 246-1638 for emergency service.

Payment Terms:

Net-30 (within 30 days of invoice receipt).



Travel Time:

We charge for electrician's reasonable travel and expediting time. However, every effort is made to keep charges as low as possible. We employ special call routing techniques to minimize travel time expense.

Other Charges:

Other charges such as permit fees, outside services, rental fees, special licenses, storage fees, disposal fees, etc. are charged at suggested resale levels as described in the resale guide of the National Price Service. Taxes, shipping, and parking charged at cost.

The Service Package:

Our service package is designed to include all necessary labor, materials, tools, equipment, licenses, permits, engineering, testing, insurance, taxes, and miscellaneous fees as needed for a complete installation. Our services are performed in a neat and workmanlike manner during work periods as arranged with the facilities manager, and are inspected by the local departments of building and safety as may be required.

We strive to keep our service rates and policies from changing. However, to best serve our customers, it may, from time to time become necessary to revise the service information provided on this service rate sheet. Please feel free to call our office anytime to confirm current rates or have any questions answered about our services.

Latest Projects

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Contractors & Owners

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If you're a property owner or general contractor, we can help you estimate your electrical remodeling project Services .


Success Stories

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"Delta Electric has always been responsive and given us excellent work!" Susan, San Francisco, Ca.